Ivory is a Mastodon client for iOS and the Mac that was born from the 10 years of development of the award-winning Twitter client, Tweetbot. It is in early access which means some features are still missing, but we are actively improving the app and adding new features. Check out the Ivory public roadmap to see what we are currently focusing on. Mac-specific features are also in the works.

Ivory is Subscription-based.

Ivory is free to download, but requires a subscription to use. Subscriptions include a totally free 7-day trial to allow you to evaluate its features in full. Outside of the trial and subscription, the app is limited to one account and limited to read-only mode. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions to Ivory for Mac, as well as a Universal subscription that also adds access to Ivory for iOS + iPadOS.

Mac Specific Features Roadmap:

  • Menubar Icon
  • Dock Badge Icons
  • Share Extension
  • Option to Pin a Timeline to Top
  • Solution for Alternate App Icons
  • Multiple Columns
  • Timeline/Filter Sync with Ivory for iOS
  • Runs on Intel (MacOS Ventura or later.)
  • Support for Handoff
  • Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts & Navigate via Keyboard (Continuously Improving)

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