Misc. Tips

Profile Notes

Ever forget why you followed someone or who they are? Tweetbot allows you to write and save notes on user‘s profiles that are completely private to you. Just go to a user‘s profile and click on the user icon in the navigation bar. Select add note and type away. No one can read these but you.

Quick Theme Switching

You can quickly switch between the light and dark theme by swiping up or down on the app with two fingers.

Go to Twitter URL

Ever get a link to a tweet or someone‘s twitter profile and not know how to get there within Tweetbot? Just go to the search tab and paste it search. The option to go to that tweet or profile will pop right up.

Return to last Read

If you accidentally hit the status bar at the top of your phone and your timeline scrolls to the top unintentionally you can go back to your last read location by hitting the status bar again. This feature is also useful to access timeline search or filters at the top and then return to your last unread location.

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