Misc. Tips

Holding Down on Tappable Objects

Most tappable objects (avatars, button icons, links, etc) have quick action menus when you tap and hold on them. For example, if you have multiple accounts in Ivory and want to boost or fave from your other account, you can hold down on the boost/fave icon to perform that action from another account. There are shortcuts like this all over Ivory. Experiment!

Quick Theme Switching

You can quickly switch between the theme colors by swiping up or down on the app with two fingers If you have the light/dark mode switch set to manual instead of automatic, swiping down will will turn the light theme dark. Swiping up when dark will turn it light. Swiping up while it’s already light will switch the theme colors.

Quick Account Switching

If you have multiple accounts in Ivory, you can quickly switch between them by swiping left or right across the title bar at the top.

Go to Mastodon URL

Ever get a link to a Mastodon post or someone‘s profile and not know how to get there within Ivory? Just go to the search tab and paste it in search. The option to go to that post or profile will pop up.

Return to last Read

If you accidentally hit the status bar at the top of your phone and your timeline scrolls to the top unintentionally, you can go back to your last read location by hitting the status bar again.

Customizing Ivory

You can control a lot of how Ivory looks and functions in the Display and Behaviors section of Ivory’s Settings.

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