How do subscriptions work?

Subscribing to either the Yearly or Monthly option will give you access to all of Ivory’s features. If you cancel within the 7-day trial period, you will not be charged by Apple. If you cancel anytime after that you will be able to continue using Ivory until your subscription expires.

If you choose not to subscribe, Ivory will still work but will function in a read-only mode where you won’t be able to Post, Follow, Fave, etc.

What happened to the Premier subscription?

The Premier subscription tier is now labeled “Universal” or “Ivory iOS + macOS Yearly Sub”. If you paid for this tier, you will get access to every version including the Mac. If you paid for the Monthly or Pro tier, you will continue to have access to Ivory on iOS and iPadOS.

How does upgrading to the Universal tier work?

When you upgrade to the Universal tier, you will pay the full subscription price, but your subscription start date is reset to the current date and Apple will refund the pro-rated amount of unused time for the subscription you updated from.

Multiple Devices and Family Sharing

Your Ivory subscription works on multiple devices and can be shared with your family. When launching Ivory on other devices, it should auto-detect your subscription and just work. If not, tap the “Restore Purchases” button. To use your subscription on a family member’s account, you also tap the “Restore Purchases” button.

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