1. Getting Started
  2. The Interface
  3. The Clipboard
  4. Custom Pasteboards
  5. Filters
  6. Quick Paste Menu
    1. Accessing the Quick Paste Menu
    2. Pasting a Clipping
    3. Searching for a Clipping
    4. Accessing Custom Pasteboards
    5. Applying Filters
    6. Sharing Clippings
    7. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Sequential Paste
  8. Preferences
  9. Troubleshooting & FAQ’s

6. Quick Paste Menu

The quick paste menu is the primary way of interacting with Pastebot. It allows you to quickly recall your clippings to paste in another app. It’s customizable and has many features of the main app.

You can customize the quick paste menu in the settings and move/resize the window around your desktop to your preferred location.

Accessing the Quick Paste Menu

There are two ways to open the quick paste menu. The easiest way is to click on the Pastebot menubar icon. The other way is to use the keyboard shortcut to open it. By default, the keyboard shortcut is command-shift-v, but you may set it to your preferred command in the settings.

Pasting a Clipping

Once you open the quick paste menu, you can quickly paste one of the last ten clippings by pressing a number key (0-9). If you need an older clipping, you can scroll through the list with the mouse or arrow keys. Click or hit the return key on a clipping to paste it.

Searching for a Clipping

To search for a clipping you can just start typing your search term (as long as it doesn’t start with a number). If the top most clipping is selected, you can also hit the arrow key up to get to the search box. Search functions just as it does in the main app. It automatically searches through the main clipboard and all of your custom pasteboards.

Accessing Custom Pasteboards

If you need to access one of your custom pasteboards, you can click the Clipboard title. Alternatively, you can use the shortcuts command-left arrow or command-right arrow to cycle through your pasteboards. Or set keyboard shortcuts to open custom pasteboards directly in the quick paste menu.

Applying Filters

Aside from pasting clippings from this window, you can also apply a filter before pasting or share it. There’s a filter and share icon next to a selected clipping. You may click on those buttons or use the keyboard shortcuts.

When you apply a filter to a clipping you’ll get a filter preview window that has a list of all your filters on the left and a before/after preview of your clipping. Select the filter you want to use and then hit “Paste”.

Sharing Clippings

Sharing clippings uses the OS share menu. You can share clippings to any app that supports the OS share menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The quick paste menu shares most of the same keyboard shortcuts as the main Pastebot window. Here’s a summary of the keyboard commands in the quick paste menu:

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