New Website, New Focus

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Welcome to the new! We hope this long overdue refresh is a better place to stay up to date with our apps. Our goal this year is to not only ship updates on a more regular basis, but also provide more insight into what we are currently working on. So lets get on to the important bits of information.

Missing Apps.

You might be wondering where Convertbot, Pastebot, and Weightbot are? We decided to remove most of them from the app store because we just don't have the time to update them in the near future. Many think updating apps for iOS7/8 is a simple task, but with all the custom UI we have, it requires redoing the app from scratch which is months of work. Those apps are also many years old now and require far more than a visual refresh.


We built the core functionality of Convertbot into Calcbot and decided to lay Convertbot down to rest for good. This allows us to spend more time making Calcbot a better product and we have lots of plans for it.


Pastebot was removed from the store because it is also in serious need of a complete overhaul and we just don't have the time to do it anytime soon. It's completely possible that this app will make a return in the future as we have some great ideas for it.


Weightbot was our first app and we have a soft spot for it. We'd love to make a Weightbot 2 in the future, but again time is an issue. Instead of just removing it from the store, we decided to just make it free to download so a piece of what started our company is still there. It's a piece of sentimental value.

So What's Next?

Our goal is to finish major updates to all of our apps before WWDC. We never want to be in the middle of a huge update or new app through the summer because WWDC has a tendency to derail us with significant OS changes. We are going to do a better job keeping our current apps up to date with each new OS release.

We've been teasing about Tweetbot 2 for Yosemite on Twitter and we are working hard to get this into a solid beta state. This app has become a huge rewrite and has taken so much longer than we had hoped, but it is coming along very nicely. It will be a free update to show our appreciation for your support in the past few years.

We are also working on getting major updates to Tweetbot for iOS out. This will include landscape mode for iOS (finally), and the highly anticipated update to the iPad version. We plan on putting a lot of time and love into making Tweetbot a better product this year.

Finally, we have plans for Calcbot (iOS and Mac) updates as well. We have some cool ideas for extending the app to the Today view and more.

It's going to be a good year for our apps and we thank you all for your patience and understanding through the delays.