Ivory is a brand new app that brings 10 years of experience building the award-winning Twitter app, Tweetbot, over to Mastodon.

Early Access

Ivory is currently in Early Access, which means there are features missing and we are actively building them while you get to use the app.

If you don’t like using software with missing features, we recommend you wait until we are out of Early Access and evaluate then. But you’ll be missing out on a lot of the fun!

Current Roadmap

This is not a comprehensive nor detailed list of what we plan for Ivory. It’s a short list of what you can expect us to focus on in the near future. They are in no particular order.

  • Read alt/description text for media
  • Improved hashtags (search, following)
  • Support for custom instance emoji
  • Improved notifications tab (options and better filtering)
  • Improved tab (navigation) bar
  • Quote Posts
  • Browse other instances
  • Edit Posts
  • Report Users or Posts to Admins
  • Support for approving follow requests from private accounts
  • Edit Profile
  • Suppress duplicate boosted posts
  • Create content warning posts
  • Inline post action buttons
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iPhone with Ivory