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Convertbot Help

You are missing a unit or conversion type that I need!

By default, we disable a lot of units. Please check the Categories and Units section of the Settings to make sure it doesn’t already exist. If it truly doesn’t exist, feel free to send us a suggestion email. We track all requests and generally add the most requested units.

Some conversions just aren’t currently possible in Convertbot. They might be in the future, but will require UI modifications and that’s just not something we plan to do at the moment. A few examples of these are Time Zones, Clothing/Shoe Sizes, etc.

Can you add a clear-all button to the calculator?

The delete button also acts as a clear-all button. If you hold down the delete button for a second, the line will clear.

Your conversion for this unit is wrong.

We receive emails about this once in awhile and 99.999% of the time the conversion is correct. Please triple check your source numbers before informing us that a conversion is incorrect. Also keep in mind some units are slightly different depending on locale or industry. Differences are noted with symbols like SI (Standard International) or UK (United Kingdom).

The conversion for megabytes and kilobytes is wrong!

Unfortunately there is some disagreement as to how many bytes are in a kilobyte. Traditionally computer scientists, memory manufacturers and most sane people consider a kilobyte to have 1024 bytes, however the International System of Units (SI) and storage manufacturers consider a kilobyte to have 1000 bytes. Fortunately Convertbot is able to support both types of units.

1024 based byte units are enabled by default and are named Kilobyte, Megabyte, etc... The 1000 based “standard” units are called the same thing but have a (SI) modifier as part of their names and symbols.

Convertbot isn’t as efficient to use as other conversion apps.

We designed Convertbot to be used a specific way. Scrolling through dozens of units isn’t very efficient. How many use all those units often anyways? The best way to use Convertbot is to disable all the units and categories you will never use. If you need one on that rare occasion, you can always enable it from the settings.

We’ve provided various ways to interact with Convertbot. Tapping on the “OK” button after selecting a unit is completely optional. You can skip on to the next action to save time. However there’s an even faster way to select units. Tap and hold a unit button. After the animation occurs, you can start scrolling to select a unit. When you release, that unit will be automatically selected.

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Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Restart your Device.
    A lot of issues are easily resolved by simply restarting your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are having problems, try this first.
  2. Redownload and Reinstall the Application.
    If restarting doesn’t help, you may want to try re-downloading the application and installing it again. If you want to remove the application from your device first, just be aware that removing an application will delete application data for good.