Weightbot Overview

Weightbot is a simple weight tracking app that makes weight management fun! Just enter your weight daily and see your trends get plotted on a beautiful graph. Set weight goals, watch your progress, and view interesting analytical data about your weight changes. If you are tired of complex and tedious weight management applications, you’ll find Weightbot to be very refreshing and quite enjoyable. As simple as Weightbot sounds, read on to learn more about the powerful features it has.

Experience Weightbot

Tracking your weight couldn’t be more enjoyable. Weightbot takes something as boring as data entry, and makes it fun with beautiful graphics, animation, and sound. Adding your daily weight will become a small moment you’ll look forward to.

Set your Goals

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, Weightbot helps you reach your goals. Set your goal weight to see your finish line. Set your starting and goal date to focus on your current weight goal. Weightbot even estimates the actual day you will reach your goal with a trend line that’s generated based on your current weight change averages. If BMI is your thing, you can watch your BMI rise or fall into the safe zone.

Graphs Galore

Weightbot ships with 3 graphs total. Just rotate your device clockwise to reveal the progress of your current weight goals. This graph focuses between your starting and ending goal date and can be viewed in 1 week and 1 month increments. If there’s too much info being displayed for your taste, you can customize what is shown in the options.

Double-tap the graph to toggle to your month view summary. This graph shows all your weight data regardless of your current goals. Another double-tap toggles to a year view summary.

A Race to the Finish

Rotating your device counter-clockwise will reveal a data view that shows your progress divided into quarters for easy analysis. It also provides various statistical data like how many days left to reach your goal based on your current trend? How much weight are you losing daily or weekly? Let Weightbot do all the number crunching for you.

Playing it Safe

Your weight data is important…especially if you’ve been tracking it for years. Weightbot includes a free and secure backup service to protect your data from being lost forever. Just create a free account from within Weightbot and your data will be automatically backed up to Tapbots servers via 128-bit SSL encryption. If you ever lose your device or move on to a new one, your data will be safe and ready for retrieval. If you ever feel like moving your data to another location, you can always export all your weight data from our server into a .csv file.

If your friends and family are always borrowing your device, protect your weight data from prying eyes with a 4-digit passcode. No one will be able to see your weight without it!

Weightbot Speaks Scales

Ever imagine weighing yourself and having your weight appear magically into Weightbot? Well it’s now possible with the Withings Scale. Learn more about this cutting-edge WiFi-enabled scale.

Need Support for Weightbot? Read the FAQs and send us a support question.


Withings Scale

The Withings Scale is an Internet (WiFi) connected Body Scale that automatically records your weight, fat mass and BMI, which you can view from your computer or iPhone.

Withings + Weightbot

Weightbot can automatically retrieve weight data from your Withings account. Just weigh yourself on your Withings scale and whenever you run Weightbot, it will retrieve the latest weight data automatically!

Get your own Withings Scale!

For special savings on the purchase of your very own Withings Scale, use the following promo code at http://withings.com:

Promo Code: tapbots

How does it work?

Getting Weightbot to work with your Withings scale is simple. The first step is to enable internet/web sharing on your Withings account. Then just go to the Withings setting in Weightbot and sign in using your Withings username and password. That’s it! Every time you launch Weightbot, it will check the Withings server for new weight data and automatically download it.

For more information about the Withings scale, visit http://withings.com.

Available on the App Store

  • iOS 4 Ready
  • Retina Display Ready


  • Gorgeous user interface and sounds provide an enjoyable weight tracking experience.
  • View your progress with beautiful week, month, and year graphs.
  • Analyze your progress with useful trend data.
  • Backup and restore over the internet via a secure 128-bit SSL connection.
  • Export your backed up data as a CSV file at http://weightbot.com.
  • View your BMI and set weight gain/loss goals.
  • Set a numeric passcode to protect your data from being viewed by others.
  • Toggle units between lbs/kg for weight and ft/cm for height. Stones + Pounds in the UK.
  • Automatically import weight data from your Withings Scale.


  • Weightbot works with any iPhone and iPod touch running version 3.0 software or later.
  • WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required for the backup/restore feature.