Calculate Intelligently.

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Calcbot Overview

Calcbot is a simple, yet intelligent calculator for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Universal). Never lose your place in a calculation again with the live as-you-type expression view. Simply swipe the keypad to the left to reveal advanced functions. See your past calculations in the history tape. You can even send old values and expressions back to your calculator or to a friend via email. Calcbot is the smartest, simple calculator you will ever use.

Keypad History

Calculate Intelligently

The biggest problem with calculators is not being able to see what keys you pressed last. Calcbot solves this by displaying the expression live as-you-type. Never lose your place in a calculation again!

Advanced Keypad

Advanced Functions are Just a Swipe Away

Accessing advanced functions on Calcbot is simple. Just swipe the keypad to the left. After you are done accessing a function key, just swipe back to the right to get to your standard keypad.

Calculation History

Make History

Calcbot features a history tape that not only saves each calculated result, but the expression you used to get there as well. Send old values or expressions in your history back to the calculator for more number crunching or email them as plain text.

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Available on the App Store

  • Designed for iPhone and iPad
  • iOS 4 Ready
  • Retina Display Ready


  • Beautiful, yet simple user interface that comes to life with animation and sound
  • Advanced functions accessible via swipe pad.
  • Live as-you-type expression history so you never forget what you entered last
  • Calculation history tape that also shows the expression used
  • Email your history as text or send values and expressions back the calculator


  • Calcbot works with the iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later.