Tweetbot Tips and Tricks

Tweetbot has features that many users may not know about. We thought we’d share some of them with you. Feel free to share your tips in the comments. Also, make sure you are running version 1.3 or later or some may not work for you.

Marking Your Timeline or Direct Messages as Read

Tapping on the iOS time status bar at the top is the universal way to scroll to the top of a view. However you can also double-tap on the timeline or mentions tab button to scroll to the top and mark the lists as read. Double-tapping on the direct messages tab will mark all your messages as read.

Favstar in Tweetbot

Favstar is a popular site for tracking twitter favorites. You can view a tweet’s favstar details by going to the tweet detail and hitting the button below the author’s avatar. You can also view a person’s most popular tweets by going to a user’s profile, hitting the action (gear) button, and then on “View in Favstar”. Double-tapping on your profile tab button will show you your most favorited tweets on favstar. Finally, if you subscribe to favstar bonus features, you can award “tweet of the day” by holding down on the fav button.

See who Retweeted Your Tweets

Many customers ask if it’s possible to see who retweeted them. Just go to any tweet’s detail view by double tapping on a tweet or hitting the view detail button (the last button) in the tweet drawer. Tap on the Retweets button under the author’s avatar.

Return Quickly from Being Multiple Levels Deep

If you ever end up multiple levels deep in Tweetbot, hitting the back button 5 times to get back to the main timeline can be annoying. Instead, just hold down on the back button and it will send you right back home.

Location Options

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about how locations work in Tweetbot. There are 3 types of location data and you can choose which you prefer most.

By default, turning on locations on a tweet will choose a Twitter Place. Most of the time this is a City. It does not give your exact location away on purpose. Many people like to provide a location stamp without telling everyone exactly where they are. This default option is for you. But there’s one caveat. If you live in a city/country that Twitter’s Places doesn’t support, it will default to the nearest known city. Sometimes this ends up being in another country. This is a result of Twitter’s Places not having data for where you live. If this is an issue, we recommend using coordinates.

Coordinates is another way to share your location. If you tap on the blue location button, you’ll see an option to select coordinates. This is for people who want to share their exact location. You’ll see coordinates when composing your tweet, but Twitter will return and display the city automatically if it can. It will also mark your exact location on the map. If accuracy is important to you, we recommend this option.

Finally, there’s an option to select points of interest. If you tap on the blue location button, you’ll be able to choose from various businesses or landmarks in your area. Keep in mind the results are limited to the POI’s that Twitter is able to provide. This option needs to be selected manually for each tweet.

Retweet from Another Account

Ever see a tweet that you wanted to retweet on one of your other accounts? Just hold down on the retweet button and select the account you want to retweet from.

Post from Another Account

Have you ever started to write a tweet and realize you are composing from the wrong account? Just tap on the title button to quickly switch the account you are composing from.

See What You Are Replying To

If you are replying to a tweet and need to recall something mentioned in that tweet, you can pull down in the compose area to view the tweet you are replying to.

Block and Report as Spam

Spam has become an annoying part of the Twitter experience. In Tweetbot, you can block or block and report as spam via the button at the bottom of a person’s profile. If you are in your timeline, you can just hold down on a person’s avatar and quickly report for spam. You should see a message letting you know the action has been completed successfully.

Keep in mind that since timelines are cached, the tweet won’t disappear when you block or report someone for spam. But you should not see future tweets from that user. If you want to force remove the tweet from your timeline, you can go to Tweetbot’s Settings and then to Account Settings and reset your cache.

Gap Loading

When there are more than 200 tweets that need to be loaded in your timeline, you’ll see a gap with a plus button. This signifies that there are tweets that weren’t loaded there. You can control which way the gap loads depending on the position of the gap on screen when you tap on it. If you like to read tweets from old to new, tap on the gap button when it’s in the top half of the screen to correctly load without losing your place. If you read new to old, tap on the gap button when it’s in the bottom half of the screen.

Services Galore

You’ve probably been to the Tweetbot settings dozens of times, but many miss the “Account Settings” section. This section allows you to customize various services for each twitter account. If you go to the Settings, look for your twitter account name under “Account Settings”. You can set which services you want to use for that particular account.

Mobilizer. Many turn this feature on without knowing what it is. Mobilizer strips images, javascript, and css from web page views so it can load content faster.

Reset Account Cache. This is a handy feature which basically purges all the cached tweets and direct messages in your account. This allows you to pull fresh data from twitter. If you blocked users and don’t want to see their cached tweets in your timeline, this is one way to do it.