Tweetbot Support and Q & A

We’ve been getting bombarded with support questions over the last few weeks. Since there are only two of us, we can’t provide support and make progress on the app at the same time. So here is a growing list of questions that get get asked repeatedly.

First and foremost, make sure you are running the latest version of Tweetbot.

We are fixing bugs and providing new features in every update so make sure you are up to date. Yes, Captain Obvious speaking here, but it must be said.

We don’t support Jailbroken devices.

System/app hacks can cause issues and we just can’t provide support for them. Sometimes they cause our apps to crash and other times they cause display rendering issues. Customers complain to us thinking our app is the cause of the issue. So all we can say is if you have a jailbroken device and have issues with our app, remove/disable all system/app hacks first and see if that solves your problem.

Not all issues are from Tweetbot.

Tweetbot sends and requests data through Twitter’s API. Some issues are a result of Twitter being down, slow, or because of restrictions/limits in place. When you get a red error message, it’s most likely from Twitter, not Tweetbot.

Known Issues that we are looking into:

  • Pull-to-Refresh occasionally breaks

Features that we are thinking about or already have planned:

  • “What the Trends” and local trends support
  • Ability to mute/filter keywords and users
  • More DM options like deleting and copying DMs
  • Ability to copy parts of a tweet
  • Improved list management

I emailed you/asked you a question on Twitter. Where’s my answer?

Unfortunately, we are getting a high volume of support questions and feedback at this time. We are unable to answer everyone. This page was designed to answer 99% of our support questions. When we come across an issue that multiple users are having and that we can’t replicate, we contact a few users to help us solve the issue.

Why is my location way off?

There are currently 2 ways to use locations in Tweetbot. When you compose a tweet, Tweetbot asks Twitter for a Place and it returns what it thinks the most appropriate place is. Also, to protect your privacy, we limit this location’s accuracy to the city level. This is why by default the map won’t show your exact location. If you want to send your exact location you can tap on the blue location button and select a Point of Interest or use coordinates. Coordinates will send Twitter your exact location. If you are in a country with poor Twitter Places support, we recommend using coordinates as well.

Where is landscape support?

Landscape view works for the compose view, web views, image views, and video.

Where are my push notifications?

Tweetbot currently doesn’t have push notifications. If you must have them, you can use We are still looking into providing this service, but it can be complicated and costly. We talk more about this here.

Will there be an iPad/Mac version?

It’s a possibility, but we have no plans for it at this time. We are focusing on the iPhone version for now. If we do an iPad version, it will not be universal.

How do I delete a tweet?

You can only delete one of your own tweets by hitting the gear menu button in the tweet drawer. There’s no way to delete a direct message at this time. We will work on that. Tweets deleted in another application may still show up in Tweetbot because they are cached. If you want, you can go into your account settings and clear the cache.

How do I view my profile?

Your profile is one of the customizable tab buttons (last 2 tabs) in your account. Just hold down on one of the tab buttons and select your profile.

How do I block a user or report them for spam?

You can block or report a user by going to their profile and hitting the Block/Report button at the bottom. You can also quickly report someone for spam by holding down on their avatar in the timeline.

Will you guys provide alternative themes in the future?

No. Our app design is part of our company branding.

Will you guys add the option to use the old retweet style?

This is in v1.2. You need to go to the app settings and change your quote format. Then when you go to retweet, choose “Quote Tweet” instead of “Retweet to Followers”.

What about Twitlonger/Twitmore?

The answer at this time is no. We believe that part of the Twitter experience is carefully crafting what you want to say in 140 characters. If you want to write something longer, you should get a blog. We will revisit this and think about it at a later time.

Will you guys have textexpander support?

No plans for it at this time. We are always wary of 3rd party code running in our applications.

I can view people in my lists, but how do I view tweets from my lists?

Go to your main timeline. Tap on the “Timeline” title in the navbar. From here you can use any of your lists as your timeline.

Why don’t some of my followers show up in the @user picker when composing a tweet?

Right now we are pulling from cached users who have tweets in your current timeline. This is how most twitter clients work right now except for Twitter for iPhone. It’s a technical limitation.

Where is Droplr Support?

We will have Droplr support once they finalize their new API.

Can I copy a part of a tweet?

Not at this time. We will solve this issue at some point. You can copy the whole tweet by tapping on the gear button in the tweet drawer.

Why does Tweetbot take longer to get tweets?

Some clients are using the streaming service to get tweets faster. The streaming service is not recommended for mobile clients because the connection has to open and close often. So it’s not an issue with Tweetbot, but the Twitter API that’s not providing the update fast enough on occasion.