Tweetbot 3 Questions and Answers

Got a question about Tweetbot 3? Here are some of answers to the most common ones.

Where is the font size setting?

Tweetbot 3 uses iOS 7′s dynamic font size, you can go to -> General -> Text Size to make the text in the app bigger or smaller.

But I really don’t want to have the same font size as the rest of the OS.

We hear you and are working on something, stay tuned.

My eyes bleed at night, is there going to be a Night Theme?


Why did you get rid of double/triple tap?

In order to detect a double/triple tap, every tap on a Tweet adds a delay while the OS decides if you are doing a single or multiple tap. This lag really impacts the feel of the app in a subtle way. There are some ways around this but it ends up causing other issues. We understand some of you really miss this feature and are discussing how to best handle it.

Why did you get rid of the left to right swipe?

The Tweet detail view shows all the information the old Conversation view used to show and we have some plans for left to right…

I miss the List behavior of Tweebot 2, what’s going on?

Lists are now viewed and managed in the List tab. The List tab will keep track of the latest list you selected across app launches and provides the same functionality as the old List as Timeline feature did. We removed the old way of doing it because too many people don’t use lists and were accidentally hitting that when trying to scroll up. Please try to live with it for a few days, if you still hate it after that let us know.

I can’t Compose a Tweet from the List tab.

We thought that editing the lists’ members would be more important, lots of people disagree. We’ll get it fixed.

I keep getting a “Your Date & Time need to be updated.” error message, why?

For some reason your device is unable to make a secure/https connection through Tweetbot. This almost always happens because the device time is wrong. Double check your time and specially your Time Zone settings and then try rebooting. If you are still having issues please use the “Contact Us” option in settings so we can help you out in more detail.

I bought Tweetbot 2, why am I being prompted to buy Tweetbot 3?

Tweetbot 3 is a paid upgrade.

I’m still on iOS 6, where did Tweetbot 2 go?

In order to reduce confusion we removed Tweetbot 2 from sale from the App Store. We’ll look at adding it back, in a few weeks, but we’re worried people will buy the old version by accident. In the meantime you can always go to the App Store app’s “Update” tab and get it from the “Purchased” list.

Is Tweetbot 2 dead?

Tweetbot 2 should be considered feature complete. We plan to provide bug fixes and support for as long as it’s practical.

Where is Tweetbot 3 for iPad?

Not done yet, we’ve spent the last 4 months focusing solely on iPhone. We’ll start looking at iPad soon but we have no time frame for when it’ll be completed, other than when it’s ready. Hopefully the wait for Tweetbot 3 for iPhone shows that we only release software when it’s done.

I’m not getting Notifications, what’s going on?

Make sure they are turned on, these settings do not migrate over from Tweetbot 2.

Where are drafts?

If you have any drafts they’ll show up on the bottom right corner when you first bring up the Compose window, before you type anything.

How do I toggle the mobilizer in Tweetbot 3?

Tap and hold on the Navigation/Title bar.

I can’t select a country in Trends.

Doh! Sorry, we’ll get it fixed.

Where is the Mavericks update of Tweetbot for Mac and am I going to have to pay for that?

We’re finishing it up and it’ll be a free upgrade. I do want to add that the new smooth scrolling support for Mavericks is awesome!