Say Hello to Netbot

Today we’re releasing our newest bots into the world; Netbot for iPhone and Netbot for iPad. These are our clients for the social network. If you love Tweetbot and are on, you’ll want Netbot.

If you haven’t heard about, it’s a new ad-free and developer friendly social network. lets you post 256 character messages to your friends and followers around the world, without any extraneous noise. They are very much committed to making the best user experience possible for the end user, without focusing on needs of advertisers or corporations.

We’ve been working very closely with Their goals of always putting users first resonates with what we believe at Tapbots. Even though is currently a small network, we expect big things from them and are proud to be a part of the community.

Push, Direct Messages and more. is a relatively new social network so there are a number of features that you may be used to that currently aren’t available. Chief among these are push notifications and private messaging. The crew is well aware of these limitations and have been working towards quickly getting those features in place. Once the proper APIs are in place we plan to fully support all those features.

If sounds like a network you want to be a part of, head over to the App Store and buy Netbot for iPhone and Netbot for iPad!