Say Hello to Tweetbot for iPad

Ever since the launch of Tweetbot, many of you have been asking us for an iPad version. Unfortunately there’s a lot of work involved because it’s not as simple as just making everything bigger. Our goal for the iPad app was to provide a familiar Tweetbot experience while making use of the iPad’s larger size. Well today we are happy to announce Tweetbot for the iPad!

As with the original Tweetbot for iPhone, version 1.0 is about getting you a solid first version. We still have a lot of work ahead of us so we appreciate your support! We have a lot of great stuff coming in the pipeline.

We are anticipating some of you wondering why the app is not universal so let me briefly explain. As you know, releasing quality software takes a lot of time. We anticipated working on the iPad version for around 3 months. It turned out to be over 6. We love what we do, but the bottom line is Tapbots is a business and the end goal is for us to make a living. We are just 2 guys at this company both with a family/kids to take care of. We also think charging $3 for each version is fair considering most of the other universal twitter apps charge more. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you aren’t stuck paying more for a universal version.

So that’s about it! We hope you enjoy the new app and we will be working hard on bringing you improvements. Buy Tweetbot for the iPad here!