Latest AppStore Cheat

So I did a search on the AppStore for Rolando to see what the buzz is all about. As part of that search I noticed some totally unrelated apps (which I won’t name them here). Looking at the description of that unrelated app I noticed the following bit of content:

Currently Playing: koi pond, cube, animal farm, hockey, metro, photo bag, filed runners, cro-mag rally, tap tap, rolando, google, texas hold-em, adventure, ocarina, poker, kids, ibear, spore, monkey ball, crash bandicoot, pinball, trism, turkey hunt, oz weather, remote, brain tuner.

Well that’s quite an odd bit of data to stick in to your own app description. I searched around for other high profile apps and found quite a few developers have chosen to SEO optimize their app description. So first we have apps naming themselves with blanks at the beginning to take advantage of alphabetical listing in the store. Then we have apps going from Free to Paid to take advantage of the top 100 list. And now this SEO hack, what’s next? Try the search out for yourself:

iTunes App Store search results for Ocarina

See a few apps that don’t seem to belong? Check out their descriptions.