Tweetbot URL scheme

We’ve gotten a few questions on the URL scheme for Tweetbot and I wanted to have a post to point other developers to. This will be updated as we make changes for new versions. If you aren’t a developer please feel free to move on, not much to see here.

Valid as of version 1.0.2

  • tweetbot://<screenname>/timeline
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/mentions
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/retweets
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/direct_messages
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/lists
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/favorites
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/search
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/search?query=<text>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/status/<tweet_id>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/user_profile/<profile_screenname>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/post
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/post?text=<text>

The <screename> argument is optional. You may include it to go to a specific account or leave it blank and either the current or default user account will be chosen instead. As usual all query <text> should be URL encoded and other then that everything should be pretty obvious.

Valid as of version 1.3

  • tweetbot://<screenname>/post?text=<text>&callback_url=<url>&in_reply_to_status_id=<tweet_id>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/search?query=<text>&callback_url=<url>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/status/<tweet_id>?callback_url=<url>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/user_profile/<screenname|user_id>?callback_url=<url>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/follow/<screenname|user_id>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/unfollow/<screenname|user_id>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/favorite/<tweet_id>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/unfavorite/<tweet_id>
  • tweetbot://<screenname>/retweet/<tweet_id>

The argument callback_url is an URL encoded URL that will be opened in Safari once the Post view closes.

Valid as of version 1.4

  • tweetbot://<screenname>/list/<list_id>?callback_url=<url>

Any questions stick them below and I’ll update the docs as needed.