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Weightbot v1.5

Ahhh, Weightbot. The one that started it all for us. We’ve learned so much since building this app and wouldn’t dare leave it behind. In a few days (fingers crossed), version 1.5 should be available for all to download, and here’s what’s new.

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Weightbot and Convertbot 1.4

Weightbot 1.4 is now available on the iTunes App Store and Convertbot 1.4 will be available within a few weeks. Read on to find out what’s new.

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We’ve gotten quite a few requests about resetting forgotten passwords and providing a way to access all that weight data. Well, we’ve finally gotten around to finishing it. Just visit When you log in, the only thing you can do at the moment is export your weight data into a CSV file that’s readable by any spreadsheet application. If you try this from mobile Safari, you’ll just get a read-only table view of the data. We hope to add more features to in the future so look forward to that as well.

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Convertbot 1.2 and Weightbot 1.3 Preview

After a ton of hard work and lots of help from our localizers and beta testers we managed to get both Weightbot 1.3 and Convertbot 1.2 released this weekend, just in time for the ADA submission deadline. Read on for some details.

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Tapbots Interviewed on the Mobile Orchard Podcast

Paul and I were recently interviewed on a developer podcast called Mobile Orchard. It gets a little geeky, but if you are at all interested in how we made Weightbot, give it a listen:

Tapbots Interviewed on the Mobile Orchard Podcast