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Convertbot v1.5

For some it’s been a long wait, but we haven’t forgotten about Convertbot. Here’s what’s coming soon:

  • 60 new units and currencies (including all the old European currencies obsoleted by the Euro). Convertbot now has about 520 units.
  • New and improved way to select units. Hold the unit button for a split second, rotate the wheel, and then release to select a unit. The 3-step selection process can now be done in 1.
  • The unit selection animation is now faster so there’s less wait time between selecting units.
  • Updated Settings UI
  • Search added to enable/disable units section.
  • New support section in settings for easy access to help topics, contacting support, and providing feedback/suggestions.

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Weightbot and Convertbot 1.4

Weightbot 1.4 is now available on the iTunes App Store and Convertbot 1.4 will be available within a few weeks. Read on to find out what’s new.

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iPhone OS 3.0 Adoption Rate

I decided to spend a few minutes looking through the Converbot logs to see what kind of 3.0 upgrade rate we are seeing. I expected to see a fairly good upgrade rate but the numbers I saw are really way above my expectations. To keep a long story short, 5 days after the iPhone OS 3.0 release, we are seeing a 75% adoption rate. Read on below for some graphs and analysis.

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Convertbot 1.2 and Weightbot 1.3 Preview

After a ton of hard work and lots of help from our localizers and beta testers we managed to get both Weightbot 1.3 and Convertbot 1.2 released this weekend, just in time for the ADA submission deadline. Read on for some details.

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Much ado about 24 bytes

Sometimes in life there are questions with no clear answers. How many bytes in a kilobyte is one of those questions. Is it 1000 or 1024? It really depends on whom you ask. For better or worse we chose to use 1000 for a kilobyte and for 1024 we chose the IEC standard kibibyte. Read on for why we came to this decision.

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