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Mandatory Tweetbot Update for v2.8 and v3.3

A couple weeks ago Twitter’s Platform Operations group contacted us and asked us to make a small change to the way Tweetbot communicates with the Twitter API. This change will have no affect on the way Tweetbot works, however two things will occur once this change goes live. All versions of Tweetbot prior to 2.8.8 or 3.3.2 will stop working and you may need to log into your account again. So make sure you are running the latest versions of the app and be prepared to authenticate your account once more. We will be coordinating with Twitter to make the final change on May 29th at 10 A.M. PST. Stay up to date via our @tweetbot account. Thanks for your continued support!

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone is Here

First of all, thank you so much for all of your patience (read this if you were wondering what took so long). It’s been a long road for us, but we are happy to introduce the completely re-imagined Tweetbot 3 for iOS7. We hope you love it as much as we do. We’ve been getting a lot of questions over the past few weeks. Here are answer to some of the more popular ones:

Will Tweetbot 3 be a Free Upgrade or a New App?

Tweetbot has been out for two whole versions and we’ve updated it for years, never charging for an update. We spent 5 months re-designing TB3 completely for iOS7. It is definitely not just a “reskin”. The whole foundation of the app has been improved upon and you can tell that it doesn’t just look different, it feels really different (and for the better). Charging for this version not only helps pay for all the work we have done on it over the last few months, but it also allows us to keep working on version updates in the future.

What About the Token Limitation (User Cap)?

A little over a year ago, Twitter implemented user caps on all 3rd party Twitter clients. This means there’s a finite number of copies we can sell (we wrote about this a year ago here). The bad news is nothing has changed on this front. We are still have a limited number of tokens. The good news is while TB3 is a new app, its still uses the same pool of tokens as TB2. So if you are a current Tweetbot for iOS user, you won’t be using up a new token when you run TB3.

What are the new features in TB3?

The biggest new feature in TB3 is the much improved interface and overall experience. We really spent a lot of time fixing little problems in the old app that most of us just got used to. Little things like it now only takes two taps to settings instead of three. And we changed the whole navigation stack so you can quickly switch to a search result view in one tap from the timeline instead of two. We moved the list timelines to the list tab so you can switch between your main timeline and a list timeline in one tap instead of two.

We added lots of physics-based animations and gestures which not only improve the overall experience, but make you feel more in control of your actions. Done looking at an image view? Just flick the image away in any direction.

While there’s a lot of new stuff packed into TB3, our list of actual new features are still on our to-do list and you’ll see many of them roll out over the next few months. Don’t worry, we have a lot of great stuff coming in the pipeline.

Evolution in Design

iOS7 is a huge evolution in terms of design. While the aesthetics is subjective, it’s hard to disagree that overall it is a pretty huge upgrade. That was our goal for TB3. Our primary goal as a company is to create beautiful apps that are a joy to use. That foundation has not changed one bit. TB3 feels like it belongs on iOS7 and it is undeniably a much better app than TB2. We focused heavily on the content and experience. I dare you to use TB3 for a week and then try going back to the old version. Then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

Tapbots and the State of Our Apps in iOS7

When the iPhone 5 was released a little over a year ago, our apps began to look a little…short. Most of our apps are designed specifically for the original iPhone size. Apps like Weightbot, Convertbot, and Calcbot needed to be completely re-thought and redesigned for the new aspect ratio. Pastebot is full of custom UI so while it would be easier to convert to the 4″ screen size than our other apps, it still needed lots of work. We made the smart business decision to keep our focus on Tweetbot for Mac. We haven’t abandoned our older apps, but we have to make tough decisions that keep our business running. We already have many great ideas for the updates to our older apps and are just waiting for the right time to implement.

Seven months ago, we started working on a big update for Calcbot. We were hoping to release it sometime in the summer. Two months in, Apple announced iOS7 at WWDC. We knew this was a huge change. It would make every single one of our apps look dated so we had to make sure our flagship app was ready for it. All of the design work that went into the Calcbot update was rendered obsolete in one keynote and so we focused our energy on updating Tweetbot for iPhone. Playing with the beta of iOS7 over the next few weeks brought us to the realization that this would not just be a “re-skin”. We really had to just start over with the new foundation and concepts of iOS7.

We were aiming for the iOS7 launch date, but unfortunately we didn’t make it. We’ve been working night and day for the last 4 months to re-design and develop an app that took over a year to build. The good news is that we are extremely happy with the results and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Now that you know what we have been up to over the past months, here’s where we are today. We’ve just submitted Tweetbot for iPhone to the app store and are waiting for approval. We do not have a launch date yet because there are many other things that need to be in place and ready before we launch, but it will be soon. That is all that we can say at this point. We truly appreciate your patience and support on this and know that it will be worth the wait!

Tweetbot for Mac is Finally Here!

We are very happy to announce that Tweetbot for Mac is finally available for sale on the Mac App Store! It’s been a long (and bumpy) road, but we are glad we have finally made it to the 1.0 milestone. This is our first official Mac App from Tapbots (unless you want to count Pastebot Sync), and thanks to Todd Thomas for all his hard work, we have something to be proud of. But it doesn’t end here. We are working on version 1.1 and have much more coming to all versions of Tweetbot.

For now, learn more about Tweetbot for Mac and purchase it on the Mac App Store.

Why is Tweetbot for Mac $20?

If you think about it, it’s not that expensive. Twenty dollars for a quality piece of software that you use every day? That has been the price point for quality utility apps on the Mac for years. However, it’s not just the development time and attention we put into the app that commands the higher price.

Because of Twitter’s recent enforcement of token limits, we only have a limited number of tokens available for Tweetbot for Mac. These tokens dictate how many users Tweetbot for Mac can have. The app’s limit is separate from, but much smaller than, the limit for Tweetbot for iOS. Once we use up the tokens granted to us by Twitter, we will no longer be able to sell the app to new users. Tapbots will continue to support Tweetbot for Mac for existing customers at that time.

This limit and our desire to continue to support the app once we sell out is why we’ve priced Tweetbot for Mac a little higher than we’d like. It’s the best thing we can do for the long term viability of the product. We know some will not be happy about Tweetbot for Mac’s pricing, but the bottom line is Twitter needs to provide us with more tokens for us to be able to sell at a lower the price. We spent a year developing this app and it’s the only way for us to be able to make our money back and continue supporting it with updates in the future. Feel free to let Twitter know how you feel about it.

If you’ve used the Alphas/Betas and have decided not to purchase, please do us a huge favor and Revoke access; that frees up extra tokens for potential customers (the betas will expire anyways). We truly appreciate your support whether you make the purchase or not. You guys have been a great help during the beta process.

Tweetbot for Mac

It’s finally here! (sort of)

Tweetbot for Mac is finally available! However it may not be quite as you had hoped. Developing for the Mac is no easy task, especially a full-featured Twitter client. However, we’ve gotten to a point where while not complete, it is useable. We’ve decided to release it as a public alpha to a) motivate us to finish faster, and b) get feedback to help us build the best Mac incarnation of Tweetbot we can make. You can love it or hate it, but rest assured it will only get much much better from here.

Introducing a new scientist.

As you may have noticed, Paul has been hard at work this year with many great updates to the iOS versions of Tweetbot. So how have we been working just as hard on a Mac version at the same time? We would like to introduce our Canadian friend, Todd Thomas (@toddthomas). While much of the underlying twitter code is Paul’s, Todd has been working hard to bring Tweetbot to the Mac. Follow him on twitter, but don’t bug him too much as he’s got a lot of work ahead of him.

So what can I expect from this alpha?

Bugs! Lots of them.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Sending us bug and crash reports will help us out a lot. You can do so by hitting “Send Feedback” from the Help menu in Tweetbot for Mac.

Missing features.

We’ve been focusing on replicating the core features of our iOS versions. Features like multiple windows will be coming in the future. You can open a new window by hitting command-shift-n, but rest assure it will be much more elegant in the future.

Disturbing graphics and performance issues.

Okay, not disturbing to most of you, but some designers can get pretty disgusted by the slightest mis-aligned pixel. Don’t be alarmed, we plan on making everything as beautiful and pixel perfect as we can. Throwing things on the canvas is just part of our process. And no, the egg icon isn’t the final icon. It was thrown together for alpha/beta purposes. We also spend most of our time optimizing performance towards the end of development.

No support.

This is a public alpha so run it at your own risk. When you run into issues, we’d love it if you would send us a report. However we can’t respond or spend time helping you get things up and running or else we’ll end up spending time with support and not getting the app done.

No Notification Center or iCloud support (in the alpha/beta).

There’s no way we can offer them until the app is signed and goes through the app store. They will work in the shipping product.

Updates and Expiring alpha/betas.

Updates will be automatically pushed out to you. We suggest you install them as each new build will fix bugs and possibly add new functionality. Old builds will also expire after a certain period of time.

Answers to some common questions.

Will Tweetbot for Mac be free?

No, we plan to charge for the app in the app store once we hit version 1.0. Until then, you get to use our app for free. Think of it as a long term trial. When we hit 1.0, you’ll know whether it’s worth your hard earned cash or not.

How long will it be in alpha/beta?

As long as it needs to be. We would like to earn money for our hard work as soon as possible, but we won’t sell anything short of a quality product.

How much will you charge for it?

We haven’t decided yet.

Is it retina ready?

For the most part yes. However some of us are still waiting for our retina macbook pros so until then, there are a few glitches here and there.

Which versions of OS X will it support?

The alpha version supports 10.7+, but the shipping product will only support 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. We will be taking full advantage of features only available in 10.8. We will most likely be dropping 10.7 support sometime after 10.8 is available to the public.

So um…where do I get this so called “alpha”?

Right here: