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Tweetbot URL scheme

We’ve gotten a few questions on the URL scheme for Tweetbot and I wanted to have a post to point other developers to. This will be updated as we make changes for new versions. If you aren’t a developer please feel free to move on, not much to see here.

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The Tweetbot Roadmap

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about our plans for Tweetbot over the next few weeks and after. Please note that they can change at any time. I’m also only going to be mentioning large changes, there’s likely to be a number of smaller features and improvements included in the releases below.

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Tweetbot has Hatched!

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since we started working on our little Twitter client. During the time, Twitter didn’t have a native client. It was about 2 and a half months after when they decided to purchase Tweetie for the iPhone. It came as quite a shock for us and many remember us writing a blog post announcing our work on Tweetbot as well as questioning its future. Well fast forward a year and here we are launching our most anticipated app!

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