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Pastebot Sync 1.0.2 Now Available!

Hello Everyone. We’ve just pushed out an update to Pastebot Sync that addresses some of the popular requests we’ve received since launch. This update makes moving images back and forth even easier than before! Here are the changes:

New Features

  • Ability to paste images directly to the Finder and iPhoto.
  • Ability to copy groups of images both ways.
  • File names of images copied from the Finder, iPhoto, and Safari are saved and also automatically become titles in Pastebot for better search results.
  • Titles added to images in Pastebot become the file name when pasted to the Finder

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with no menubar in 10.5.
  • Fixed issue with images appearing in Pastebot as “Unknown Data” in 10.5.

There are 3 ways to get this update.

  • Wait for the auto-update to pop up.
  • Select “Check for Updates” from the Pastebot Sync menu icon. (10.5 users can’t do this because of the bug which has been fixed)
  • Download directly from our website (If you redownload, be sure to turn the Sync app OFF and back ON after the install to restart the service)

Let us know if you have any questions or issues!

How are you using Pastebot?

First of all, thanks to everyone who has purchased Pastebot and has said wonderful things about it. We are in complete shock by the reception and are excited to make Pastebot even better. Pastebot is such an open-ended app and there are many ways to use it. We are really curious to know how people have made Pastebot a part of their workflow. I’m sure other users would like some tips as well. So let us know how you are using Pastebot in the comments!

Say Hello to Pastebot

Say Hello to Pastebot

App #0003 has finally launched! It’s been 6 long months since we started on this project. I don’t want to turn this into a long post about how we got here, because all that really matters is we made it and hope you’ll enjoy it. Pastebot is definitely different than our previous apps. Some would say it’s riskier. But there’s no other way to grow and move forward without taking risks. After all, who would have thought anyone could make a living creating software for mobile devices? Pastebot was a lot more work than our previous apps, but it also does so much more than them. We are happy with the results and hope you are too.

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