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iPhone OS 3.0 Adoption Rate

I decided to spend a few minutes looking through the Converbot logs to see what kind of 3.0 upgrade rate we are seeing. I expected to see a fairly good upgrade rate but the numbers I saw are really way above my expectations. To keep a long story short, 5 days after the iPhone OS 3.0 release, we are seeing a 75% adoption rate. Read on below for some graphs and analysis.

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We’ve gotten quite a few requests about resetting forgotten passwords and providing a way to access all that weight data. Well, we’ve finally gotten around to finishing it. Just visit When you log in, the only thing you can do at the moment is export your weight data into a CSV file that’s readable by any spreadsheet application. If you try this from mobile Safari, you’ll just get a read-only table view of the data. We hope to add more features to in the future so look forward to that as well.

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Tapbots Stickers


Some of you have seen photos of Tapbots stickers floating around the web and have been wondering how to get one. Now that WWDC is out of the way, we are ready to get some of these stickers into the hands of our customers. How much will they cost you? How does some postage and a few moments of your time sound? All we need you to do is mail us an envelope with postage and your return address on it.

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