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Convertbot 1.2 and Weightbot 1.3 Preview

After a ton of hard work and lots of help from our localizers and beta testers we managed to get both Weightbot 1.3 and Convertbot 1.2 released this weekend, just in time for the ADA submission deadline. Read on for some details.

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Tapbots 2.0

Last week we celebrated the 6th month anniversary of shipping Weightbot. Read on about our past and some exciting news about our plans for the present and future.

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Much ado about 24 bytes

Sometimes in life there are questions with no clear answers. How many bytes in a kilobyte is one of those questions. Is it 1000 or 1024? It really depends on whom you ask. For better or worse we chose to use 1000 for a kilobyte and for 1024 we chose the IEC standard kibibyte. Read on for why we came to this decision.

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Convertbot and Convertbot Mini 1.1 Released

A few hours ago Apple approved the latest release of Convertbot and our first release of Convertbot Mini. You can read about Converbot 1.1 in some of the previous posts, or better yet go download a copy.

Convertbot Mini is Convertbot’s FREE little brother. Same UI that everyone loves, just fewer units and categories. Did I mention FREE? Anyways, go download a copy now! Even if you already own Convertbot, you can show your support by downloading his little brother and writing a review!

Convertbot 1.1 Sneak Peak

We sent 1.1 out for Apple’s approval yesterday. As usual we have no control as to when/if Apple approves but we’re hoping for early next week. Follow us on twitter for up to the minute info on new releases. Read on for the obvious and not so obvious changes coming with 1.1.

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