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The Convertbot Plan (Currencies, Releases and More)

We’ve been getting a lot of similar emails about Currencies, Units and what else is coming to Convertbot. This post is an attempt to clear some of that up.

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Ich bin ein Dummkopf

Anyone outside of certain European and South American countries that use a comma as the decimal separator in numbers can safely ignore this posting. Everyone else read on.

Update (04/09/09) : Version 1.0.1 approved and fixes this issue

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Introducing Convertbot

Well, it’s finally here! At first, I’m probably sure you are thinking, “Oh Great. Yet another unit converter?” And rightfully so! But just like weight tracking, converting units is another one of those mundane tasks that happen to be very important for a lot of people. And while there are some really great unit converters already available on the app store, they don’t make the task any more enjoyable to do. And that’s where Convertbot comes in. Our goal was, like with Weightbot, to create a simple app that did a simple task, only with a bit of flair. And hopefully we have accomplished just that.

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Guess the name of our Second App and Win!

Last night we submitted our latest app to Apple. Assuming everything goes well, we should be going live sometime next week so we figured it was a good time to have a little fun. We’d like you to guess what our upcoming app is called. The first 3 to guess correctly before the app is released will win a $20 iTunes gift certificate and the first 10 will win a copy of the new app.

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