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And the nominees for the Best App Ever are…

Hello friends! It’s now New Year’s Eve and the time has come to vote for this year’s best iPhone applications. As a result of your support, we have been nominated as finalists in the following categories (clicking the links automatically vote):

We would be forever grateful if you took a few moments of your time to visit these pages to vote for Weightbot in these categories. Thanks for your support and have a Happy New Year!

Latest AppStore Cheat

So I did a search on the AppStore for Rolando to see what the buzz is all about. As part of that search I noticed some totally unrelated apps (which I won’t name them here). Looking at the description of that unrelated app I noticed the following bit of content:

Currently Playing: koi pond, cube, animal farm, hockey, metro, photo bag, filed runners, cro-mag rally, tap tap, rolando, google, texas hold-em, adventure, ocarina, poker, kids, ibear, spore, monkey ball, crash bandicoot, pinball, trism, turkey hunt, oz weather, remote, brain tuner.

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Weightbot v1.2

Greetings, International Weightbot owners! We are happy to announce that Weightbot is now localized for the following languages: Danish, Dutch, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Swedish. We’ve also implemented the stones measurement for those in the U.K.

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Vote for Weightbot in the 2008 Best App Ever Awards

Greetings robot lovers! 148apps is hosting an awards site called the 2008 Best App Ever Awards. If you love Weightbot, be sure to help support us by voting for it!

Make sure to vote for us in these 3 categories:

And any or all of these if you think it deserves it:

Thanks for your support!

Dear Developers, Please Stop Whining

There’s been a lot of bitching lately about the Top 100 list and $0.99 apps and I’m sick of it. The way to make a successful app is conceptually very simple.

A. Create a quality product
B. Price the product properly
C. Market the product

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