Tapbots and the state of iOS8

Since iOS8 was released this week, we wanted to give you a quick update on where we are with things. Tweetbot 3 for the iPhone will be submitted soon. We are finishing up our work fixing bugs and optimizing features for iOS8 and also want to test on the new devices before submitting. This will be a free update for Tweetbot 3 customers.

Next, we wanted to state that Tweetbot 3 for the iPad is in development. However we are also trying to get some of our other apps updated as well so progress has been slower than expected. We are excited to share that two of our older apps will be updated for iOS8 (iPhone/iPad) and debut for the first time on the Mac (Yosemite)! We will update you when we get closer to launch. Thanks so much for your patience and support.

Mandatory Tweetbot Update for v2.8 and v3.3

A couple weeks ago Twitter’s Platform Operations group contacted us and asked us to make a small change to the way Tweetbot communicates with the Twitter API. This change will have no affect on the way Tweetbot works, however two things will occur once this change goes live. All versions of Tweetbot prior to 2.8.8 or 3.3.2 will stop working and you may need to log into your account again. So make sure you are running the latest versions of the app and be prepared to authenticate your account once more. We will be coordinating with Twitter to make the final change on May 29th at 10 A.M. PST. Stay up to date via our @tweetbot account. Thanks for your continued support!

Tweetbot 3 Questions and Answers

Got a question about Tweetbot 3? Here are some of answers to the most common ones.

Where is the font size setting?

Tweetbot 3 uses iOS 7′s dynamic font size, you can go to -> General -> Text Size to make the text in the app bigger or smaller.

But I really don’t want to have the same font size as the rest of the OS.

We hear you and are working on something, stay tuned.

My eyes bleed at night, is there going to be a Night Theme?


Why did you get rid of double/triple tap?

In order to detect a double/triple tap, every tap on a Tweet adds a delay while the OS decides if you are doing a single or multiple tap. This lag really impacts the feel of the app in a subtle way. There are some ways around this but it ends up causing other issues. We understand some of you really miss this feature and are discussing how to best handle it.

Why did you get rid of the left to right swipe?

The Tweet detail view shows all the information the old Conversation view used to show and we have some plans for left to right…

I miss the List behavior of Tweebot 2, what’s going on?

Lists are now viewed and managed in the List tab. The List tab will keep track of the latest list you selected across app launches and provides the same functionality as the old List as Timeline feature did. We removed the old way of doing it because too many people don’t use lists and were accidentally hitting that when trying to scroll up. Please try to live with it for a few days, if you still hate it after that let us know.

I can’t Compose a Tweet from the List tab.

We thought that editing the lists’ members would be more important, lots of people disagree. We’ll get it fixed.

I keep getting a “Your Date & Time need to be updated.” error message, why?

For some reason your device is unable to make a secure/https connection through Tweetbot. This almost always happens because the device time is wrong. Double check your time and specially your Time Zone settings and then try rebooting. If you are still having issues please use the “Contact Us” option in settings so we can help you out in more detail.

I bought Tweetbot 2, why am I being prompted to buy Tweetbot 3?

Tweetbot 3 is a paid upgrade.

I’m still on iOS 6, where did Tweetbot 2 go?

In order to reduce confusion we removed Tweetbot 2 from sale from the App Store. We’ll look at adding it back, in a few weeks, but we’re worried people will buy the old version by accident. In the meantime you can always go to the App Store app’s “Update” tab and get it from the “Purchased” list.

Is Tweetbot 2 dead?

Tweetbot 2 should be considered feature complete. We plan to provide bug fixes and support for as long as it’s practical.

Where is Tweetbot 3 for iPad?

Not done yet, we’ve spent the last 4 months focusing solely on iPhone. We’ll start looking at iPad soon but we have no time frame for when it’ll be completed, other than when it’s ready. Hopefully the wait for Tweetbot 3 for iPhone shows that we only release software when it’s done.

I’m not getting Notifications, what’s going on?

Make sure they are turned on, these settings do not migrate over from Tweetbot 2.

Where are drafts?

If you have any drafts they’ll show up on the bottom right corner when you first bring up the Compose window, before you type anything.

How do I toggle the mobilizer in Tweetbot 3?

Tap and hold on the Navigation/Title bar.

I can’t select a country in Trends.

Doh! Sorry, we’ll get it fixed.

Where is the Mavericks update of Tweetbot for Mac and am I going to have to pay for that?

We’re finishing it up and it’ll be a free upgrade. I do want to add that the new smooth scrolling support for Mavericks is awesome!

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone is Here

First of all, thank you so much for all of your patience (read this if you were wondering what took so long). It’s been a long road for us, but we are happy to introduce the completely re-imagined Tweetbot 3 for iOS7. We hope you love it as much as we do. We’ve been getting a lot of questions over the past few weeks. Here are answer to some of the more popular ones:

Will Tweetbot 3 be a Free Upgrade or a New App?

Tweetbot has been out for two whole versions and we’ve updated it for years, never charging for an update. We spent 5 months re-designing TB3 completely for iOS7. It is definitely not just a “reskin”. The whole foundation of the app has been improved upon and you can tell that it doesn’t just look different, it feels really different (and for the better). Charging for this version not only helps pay for all the work we have done on it over the last few months, but it also allows us to keep working on version updates in the future.

What About the Token Limitation (User Cap)?

A little over a year ago, Twitter implemented user caps on all 3rd party Twitter clients. This means there’s a finite number of copies we can sell (we wrote about this a year ago here). The bad news is nothing has changed on this front. We are still have a limited number of tokens. The good news is while TB3 is a new app, its still uses the same pool of tokens as TB2. So if you are a current Tweetbot for iOS user, you won’t be using up a new token when you run TB3.

What are the new features in TB3?

The biggest new feature in TB3 is the much improved interface and overall experience. We really spent a lot of time fixing little problems in the old app that most of us just got used to. Little things like it now only takes two taps to settings instead of three. And we changed the whole navigation stack so you can quickly switch to a search result view in one tap from the timeline instead of two. We moved the list timelines to the list tab so you can switch between your main timeline and a list timeline in one tap instead of two.

We added lots of physics-based animations and gestures which not only improve the overall experience, but make you feel more in control of your actions. Done looking at an image view? Just flick the image away in any direction.

While there’s a lot of new stuff packed into TB3, our list of actual new features are still on our to-do list and you’ll see many of them roll out over the next few months. Don’t worry, we have a lot of great stuff coming in the pipeline.

Evolution in Design

iOS7 is a huge evolution in terms of design. While the aesthetics is subjective, it’s hard to disagree that overall it is a pretty huge upgrade. That was our goal for TB3. Our primary goal as a company is to create beautiful apps that are a joy to use. That foundation has not changed one bit. TB3 feels like it belongs on iOS7 and it is undeniably a much better app than TB2. We focused heavily on the content and experience. I dare you to use TB3 for a week and then try going back to the old version. Then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

Tapbots and the State of Our Apps in iOS7

When the iPhone 5 was released a little over a year ago, our apps began to look a little…short. Most of our apps are designed specifically for the original iPhone size. Apps like Weightbot, Convertbot, and Calcbot needed to be completely re-thought and redesigned for the new aspect ratio. Pastebot is full of custom UI so while it would be easier to convert to the 4″ screen size than our other apps, it still needed lots of work. We made the smart business decision to keep our focus on Tweetbot for Mac. We haven’t abandoned our older apps, but we have to make tough decisions that keep our business running. We already have many great ideas for the updates to our older apps and are just waiting for the right time to implement.

Seven months ago, we started working on a big update for Calcbot. We were hoping to release it sometime in the summer. Two months in, Apple announced iOS7 at WWDC. We knew this was a huge change. It would make every single one of our apps look dated so we had to make sure our flagship app was ready for it. All of the design work that went into the Calcbot update was rendered obsolete in one keynote and so we focused our energy on updating Tweetbot for iPhone. Playing with the beta of iOS7 over the next few weeks brought us to the realization that this would not just be a “re-skin”. We really had to just start over with the new foundation and concepts of iOS7.

We were aiming for the iOS7 launch date, but unfortunately we didn’t make it. We’ve been working night and day for the last 4 months to re-design and develop an app that took over a year to build. The good news is that we are extremely happy with the results and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Now that you know what we have been up to over the past months, here’s where we are today. We’ve just submitted Tweetbot for iPhone to the app store and are waiting for approval. We do not have a launch date yet because there are many other things that need to be in place and ready before we launch, but it will be soon. That is all that we can say at this point. We truly appreciate your patience and support on this and know that it will be worth the wait!